Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Runway Angel

So the Victoria's Secret fashion show is on CBS tonight.  I'm watching right now.  The Superbowl of Lingere.  Yay for Vickie to over-produce soft-porn images enough that women and men feel comfortable tuning in to jiggly boobies and bouncy booties on the flatscreen.  Add in some live music from musicians the Black Eyed Peas, post-walk interviews with the *angels*, we get to learn their names this year, super slow mo photography, voice overs of the runway choreographers, and all of a sudden THIS IS PRIME.TIME. TV Y'ALL!!!  Thankfully they let poor old Heidi Klum skip the walk in lingere- after 4 kids!  The term "retired breeder" comes to mind b/c this name is given to female research animals whose uteri are allowed to cool down due to age and overuse.  side note: after successfully carrying my one baby girl to term, I have decided I am a retired breeder.

So, what's missing from the live show compared to the catalog?  Photoshop.  Tragedy not that there are pretty images of pretty people in magazines, rather that some girls and young women think they must starve themselves to look like a pretty photoshopped image of a model...that they are worthless unless they look like HER. The tragedy is not the art, the tragedy is that girls and young women are dying to look like a 2d image!!!  D*mn, who wants to look like a Picasso or a Dali or a Monet or or or...you digg?  Art is rarely reality.  

"Gluteoplasty" is one of the most popular online searches today because of this headline:
Solange Magnano, a former Miss Argentina, dies after cosmetic gluteoplasty complications

Was she seeking a "butt lift" for her career, vanity, or self-image issues?  Maybe all, maybe none.  Breaks my heart.  She left behind twin daughters.  She's the New.Runway.Angel.

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