Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Detox

Been feeling like this:

Want to feel like this:

Oh it's coming.  Like a roaring tsunami.  The bottom has fallen out and the fe-rocious mount of liquid inertia is rolling.  I have decided that since I am not traveling this Christmas break and since baby G still has childcare, I am going to do something healthy for both of us.  Or crazy.  Or maybe both.

I'm riding such a good wave lately I'm going to try Bikram for 5 days coupled with cardio or weights or something else challenging like maybe just sitting still.  Deconstruct; reconstruct.  Break it down; build it up.  Gonna sweat out some demons.  There are so many changes coming on the horizon I figured I'd better get my best self ready to embrace them.  Yes.

Side note: best self = strong, flexible, sound.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. Love the blog! I have to say out of every "crunched" Jeep bumper comes a beautiful "new" Mercedes. lol How's that analogy? You've taken a huge step in your life and I can guarentee you, good things are to come my dear in 2010. After this past year I'm a BIG believer "Everything happens for a reason." I wish you a very namaste' Holiday!

    Miss you