Monday, December 28, 2009


I'm liking this song by the RHCP right now.  I never looked up the lyrics but I dig them. I would copy and past them but I can't.  RHCP reminds me of growing up in VB, VA and of my semi-epic roadtrip with friends JHA and ZD.  Smiles all the time.

Running and yoga were great today!  7.5 miles and 90 minutes Bikram.  For the run it was my music, for the Bikram, it was the heat.  Yes, lift, grow, smile, renew.  GOOD.TIMES.  It just feels good to move again.  I had many many thoughts running through my mind so it was nice to have to quiet my internal monologue and just be.  

Now Mule Skinner Blues is playing, I love this song too.  I would love to be able to yodel like that.  There was a tv show on Discovery about Mule Logging, which is the same as Mule-skinnin'.  The first part of the series was swamp loggin' in Eastern Carolina.  If you have to ask where that is, please stop reading my blog now :(  ha!  Anyway, it was wonderful to hear their beautiful accents from this far away.  I digress, mule-skinnin'.  I can't find the original link so there's this one that Mike Rowe did:

Hmph.  The first part of the segment was in Napa at the cooperage old stomping ground for a deleriously delicious year of decadence and despair!

Eventually I'll post something meatier than these train of thought entries...eventually. :)

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