Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! Welcome Twenty Ten!

So I'm old and it's only 9:30 but I've had my glass of champagne and baby G is asleep.  She actually fell asleep on her dad on the floor after her bottle.  Technically it's already Twenty Ten in someplaces so that's good enough for me because I'd rather be sleeping.  Well, that's semi-true at least.

I digress.  My bedtime reading took me to a webpage about synchronicity and then this link to what your reading says about you.  I'm posting this instead of something original because -see above-.  And, next year in addition to eating more fruits and vegetables and volunteering, I will be trying to read more...and be still more...sometimes. For example, I am looking for a fly fishing coach.  Seriously, there is flyfishing to be had in Arizona.

I digress again.  Here's the link and the list.  I know maybe 1/5th of these authors and this list had me chuckling!  Enjoy!  This chic is the one who started textsfromlastnight:

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