Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fantastic Tamastic

Baby G is still sleeping and I have bought all the Trance songs off of iTunes that I desire, so I got bored, and looked this up on google:

I have done some reading on the yin and yang of food but this is more for me to peruse; maybe you too.  I have noticed that when I eat mostly "Tamastic" foods I feel horrible; even though "Tamastic" DOES RHYME with "Fantastic".  Ha.  Sattvic food is the "purest diet" and my experience supports this too.  Neat-o.  I'm not so down with the sprouted stuff yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  ;P

"Body and Soul, Body and Soul, That's how she loves me, with body and soul"
lyrics from "With Body and Soul", bluegrass, as sung by The Seldom Scene

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