Monday, August 23, 2010

What If; Namaste

So I think I feel less creative vibes throughout Summer as evidenced by my lack of posts.  I'm mellow.  I'm chillin'.  I'm FRAPPIN MELTING and just trying to STAY ALIVE in this HEAT and BUGGY MISERY.  Ugh!

Anyway, I move out next Wednesday.  I think about love daily.  Hourly.

As I sit in my bed typing this I am surrounded by 12 boxes of my stuff.  I don't love my stuff!  It's stuff.   Keep reading...

What if the most perfect, honorable, un-judgemental, perfect, karmic-ly even way to love someone is to let them go and let them be?

That's what I want for myself.  That's what I wish for for my loved ones.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Rebellion Target

Thought on the radar lately:
What would I rebel against if I weren't rebelling against marriage?

Second blip:
Why am I rebelling?

Sunday, July 25, 2010


THIS is beautiful and creative.  Love it!
Tarp Surfing

In other news I got a used training potty and baby G voluntarily hopped on it tonight before our shower and peed.  Really.  I know this can mean absolutely nothing but it was cool.  She'll wander into the bathroom with me when I use the toilet, so the concept isn't entirely foreign to her.

In other small parenting successes, at least for this weekend, I have gotten her to "brush" her teeth and stand still by using lotion as her reward.  Adorable!  We're both growing up! *pat on the back*

I'm kind of proud to say that she's precocious and will go right up and say hi to new kids that are older than her.  Some of the children at the pool looked to be 8 or 9!  Go baby G.  Stoked!  One mother said she was "brave".  She can hold her own I think in part b/c of Chalco and Japer.  She's got a very strong maternal streak we've noticed lately.

She has definitely had a growth spurt; her legs are rocketing go-go-gadget style.  The cute itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini no longer fits!

The past few months have brought closure and packing has commenced!

Even though I grew up at the beach, I never really learned how to surf.  Maybe I'll make it a vacay on the West Coast.  I like the idea of having to understand the weather and how to read the water and to be respectful of nature and other people and creatures and  DUDE.  ;)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Free Energy

Ok, I have been holding out on y'all.  My life is about to get so much simpler.  I will have so much free energy to spend, after these past 53 weeks of limbo, I know I will asexually sprout a twin.  In fact, my doppelganger has already been spotted at Lake Havasu.  Sweet!  I hope she's hotter than my actual self, and with BIGGER BOOBS!

I am so thankful and have found peace and quiet.  Lately I have just been hot and tired...which is why I haven't posted.  I even returned the 6 books I wanted to read,  back to the library.  I am thankful that when I go to lift there is a slap-in-the-face of cold air conditioning that helps me move some iron!  I missed a phonecall last night at 10:16 because I was so sound asleep!

I successfully managed a potential horrible conflict at work.  This one included name calling, a Menudo Debate, and NOT involving a 3rd party.  Everyone made up and we celebrated at El Guero Canelo.  I treated the other person how I would want to be treated and humbled myself when I learned I.was.wrong.  Warm fuzzies all around.

On the topic of food however, we FINALLY got a new stove.  The old one blew it on Memorial Day weekend.  I have been thankful for the microwave and crockpot for sure!  Today I fixed a macaroni and cheese with ham and peas and tomatoes, FROM SCRATCH.  I had not been able to make a bechamel sauce on the old stove and I was surprised how amazingly simple it was.  Baby G gulped it up.  Same with my Chickpea soup last night.  I will probably post an analogy later about cooking with an old, *too hot* stove, in the dark as compared to my new stove.  The art of cooking is so.much.easier!

Lastly, the basil plant I bought at TJs is thriving in benign neglect.  I decided to try Basil Ice Cream using about 3T fresh basil instead of the mint in this recipe:
Chocolate Mint Ice Cream

Again, the photos will not do it justice but you should know that baby G wanted to scrape out the frozen bowl of the mixer and was still doing so after 10 minutes.  Badow!  This stuff is.that.good!

So, happy *official* summer to everyone!  I hope you are stoked enough to grow your own twin!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday; Thoughtful and Thankful

air conditioning
clean, crisp sheets
learning I can microwave pasta (stove is still broken)
a day off (from the gym)
coloring with crayons; I am fond of the glitter ones
a fenced-in backyard
Burt's Bees Bugspray
the beer selection at 1702 :) and specifically Left Hand Milk Stout
laughter at lunchtime
Fathers and Father's Day
my leopard-print bikinis specifically b/c they make me happy
a full tank of gas
4 full bellies
completing so much of my "to do" list it's RIDICULOUSLY awesome