Sunday, December 27, 2009

5 is fine, 9 is divine

When I was pregnant I started eating more conscientiously.  Through the first trimester anyway, then it was strawberries and Sunkist and pizza.  I quit exercise and returned to hedonism!  I am not kidding.  Whoooaaaahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  I don't know how I only gained 38lbs.  I couldn't stand the smell of coffee or meat during my second trimester.  I only remember being huge and uncomfortable during my third trimester.  That summer, while pregnant, I was also taking an online Nutrition class through the U of A and one of our class projects was to track our food intake on some CDC website I think.  side note: there was no "pregnant" category when I did the diary, hopefully it has changed by now.  I learned that I was eating a white-trash diet of processed carbs, cheese and dairy products, and sugary-sodas with hardly a fruit or veggie on the

Now that I am 3 days deep into my Bikram Yoga Winter detox, I am trying to return to more healthful and conscientious eating.  Eating more often, smaller portions, less processed, less meat, more fiber, more water, less sugar, yada yada yada.  But, I offer this website to you dear reader, and also as a reminder to myself.  It's colorful and fun and that's important.

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