Sunday, July 25, 2010


THIS is beautiful and creative.  Love it!
Tarp Surfing

In other news I got a used training potty and baby G voluntarily hopped on it tonight before our shower and peed.  Really.  I know this can mean absolutely nothing but it was cool.  She'll wander into the bathroom with me when I use the toilet, so the concept isn't entirely foreign to her.

In other small parenting successes, at least for this weekend, I have gotten her to "brush" her teeth and stand still by using lotion as her reward.  Adorable!  We're both growing up! *pat on the back*

I'm kind of proud to say that she's precocious and will go right up and say hi to new kids that are older than her.  Some of the children at the pool looked to be 8 or 9!  Go baby G.  Stoked!  One mother said she was "brave".  She can hold her own I think in part b/c of Chalco and Japer.  She's got a very strong maternal streak we've noticed lately.

She has definitely had a growth spurt; her legs are rocketing go-go-gadget style.  The cute itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini no longer fits!

The past few months have brought closure and packing has commenced!

Even though I grew up at the beach, I never really learned how to surf.  Maybe I'll make it a vacay on the West Coast.  I like the idea of having to understand the weather and how to read the water and to be respectful of nature and other people and creatures and  DUDE.  ;)