Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I dabbled with "Wordless Wednesdays" a few months ago.  Now I'll try Thankful Thursdays.

Today I am thankful for many many things:
Children's Tylenol Plus: allergies blow (ha! pun intended)
toilet paper
a full belly
a clean-ish truck
a fit body
a sound mind ;)
TWO jobs that earn me paychecks
getting to be a mom (job #3 or #1 depending)
new friends
old friends
hot dark acidic coffee, brown sugar, and cream
professional guidance
peace and quiet / shalom in the home to borrow from Shmuley Boteach
a roof and more than 4 walls
leftovers, a fridge and a freezer
a checking account in the black
hugs and kisses
a cold and fizzy Coca Cola
cooked meat
suntanning on the roof!
playing in the dirt pile together after dinner
no Rattlesnake sightings yet
a second pair of jeans (since the pockets ripped in my favorite pair)
warm showers and good-smelling soap (lemon currently)
clothes that fit
free music
a voice
being able to hold and lift and sing and smile and explore and dance with my daughter * thank you to SL for the baby sling we haven't outgrown yet!
clean doggies
clean floors
a warm breeze coming through the back screen at every mealtime
new glitter crayons
new recipes that turn out amazingly (because there have been NONE this week)

I'll close here b/c I could keep going on!

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