Monday, April 19, 2010

Manic Monday

This morning I accidentally poured Apple Juice in my coffee.  I hope tomorrow's cup is better.

I came across this link today:

And then did some research on this:

And then I got a letter in the mail about a lien from my car accident back in October.  WHAT?!  Uuugh.

My crockpot cookin' beans went ok...but I'll def. tweak the recipe next Monday.

I got a $10 credit at Kohls in the mail!  Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

No one has spoken to me in Spanish I am not.tan.enough!

I was complimented on my pedicure by another mom at childcare.

I am loving cranking my music up, with all the windows down,  after I drop off baby G at childcare.

Giving stuff away feels great!  Consigning it feels great too!!!

Baby G is loving her soap crayons.  She pooped in the tub again tonight and then fussed like the turd was going to grow legs, run her down, and hurt her!

I love sleep!

I am hoping I don't have to work more; well too much more.  I don't want a big house to clean and I don't want a lot of crap to keep track of.  I hope to stay safe and free.

My brother is apparently doing well in boot camp!  I'm sure he's sleeping better too!

I find it stunning that there is an active volcano in Iceland.  I never though ash had the potential to be so powerful.

I bought a basil plant at TJ's and have not killed it yet!

I think I'll have the dogs groomed and shaved down earlier than Memorial Day weekend this year.

The pool is still too cold for humans to enjoy.

I love going for walks with G before dinner with all of the Brittle Bush-lined streets!  Beauty!  Solitude!

I appreciate and enjoy being alone but I do not enjoy being lonely.

Vegetables and beans are wonderful!  Eating lower on the food chain is cost-effective and sustainable and happy for the waistline and bloodwork!  Amazing.

I am feeling super thankful!!!

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  1. awesome post, mar! they're all good, but i especially liked this one. thank you!