Monday, May 10, 2010

Nothing but a Memory, part 1.618

I need some inspiration and feedback y'all.  As I am poised to have to re-pack all of my shizzot from this move, and hoping not to have to rent the Uhaul with the frappin' "Granny's Attic", I am musing what to do with all of my photos from the "regret-worthy-yet-highly-educational-and-irreplaceable-life-shaping-years" circa 2002-2004.  side note: how do you live a lifetime in 2 years?

I have those years organized in lovely leather-bound albums.  Glossy 4x6s, 4 to a page in shiny clear pockets so as to remain blemish free; unlike my heart!  Ha!  Kidding!  Well, not really!  Wait.  :(  side note for another entry: is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?  - Lord Tennyson.  I remember when the Ritz Camera clerk told "Namaste Hardup" the following quote exactly as he handed him the prints from my twin, blond cousins' raucous birthday party (with the cake from the Sweet and Nasty); "Dude, I want your life".  *sigh*

And there's the print of me dancing on the real Coyote Ugly Bar in NYC, "Hogs and Heifers" where I was asked if I was "a real dancer".  *sigh* again

Oh, and there are so, so many more to relish.  Fact is, I'll keep a few around to remember I'm human and make mistakes and wait, wait, I don't need pix for that...

Some of these prints memorialize my youth.  I want to keep those.  Some of these prints give a slim dimension to lost memories and people.  Maybe I should get rid of those.  So then I was searching for what to do with all of this data; can I recycle these candids into a functional or useful or beautiful piece of art? You can't use photo paper for toilet tissue.  I am wondering.  This is perplexing.

I saw an idea for a collage.  Maybe I'll make a series of collages and give the titles of the 7 deadly sins...or the 7 almost deadly sins...what would THOSE be?  That would undeniably be more fun to create!  Are there 7 lively sins OR are they the 7 deadly sins...pontificating...hmmmmmmmmm.

How big should my collages be?  Should there be a pattern?  Shapes, sizes, colors, locations, faces...?  Well, maybe I've just decided.  I can't remember the ad but the one where when you're up close you see the individual pix and then the camera pulls away and you see a pattern.  Yes.  Yes.  This is what I'll do.

So now I need to decide what the pattern will be, a word or phrase I think since I was contemplating something profound for a tat, but that has yet to happen.  I'll pull all the pix from my albums except for the best memories I want records of, and then I'll organize the remainders into piles of colors.  Yes!  This is brilliant and taking shape nicely!!!  Thank you for all your help!  ;)

Maybe a nautilus shell that uses the "Golden Ratio".  YES!  And that will be easy to do once I decide how big my canvas (or more likely posterboard) will be!  Here's a pic of what my template will be:

Maybe a few, smallish, manageable pieces.  A trio of "Golden Ratio" Nautiluses to help remind me of the state of order that IS found in nature thanks to an "irrational mathematical constant".  THAT makes sense to me.  Irony.  Paradox.  Math.  Maybe, just maybe.  Because see, I like order.  Imposed or created  order can be safe and liberating and predictable and calming, side note for another post: OCD.  Now gentle reader you are saying, "But all her photos are already organized in albums" which is true, but I'm ready to change their order, and create disorder...but within the limits of the Fibonacci Sequence.  I ain't even Italian!

The nautilus grows its shell as the animal grows.  Hermit crabs vacate and locate new shells as they grow, so I must be a hermit crab in this analogy.  Vulnerable for a while, looking for my new home.  I'll carry my home on my back!

Safety and order with my hi-falutin' snail collages around me amidst this chaos.  What an appropriate reminder.  So maybe I'm not really changing anything.

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