Sunday, May 16, 2010

Multitaskin' Mama

Yesterday I took a nap indoors rather than sun on the roof like I usually do when baby G is sleeping. I think I 1) made a pizza and 2) boiled some eggs.  I am writing this down so that in the future when I am feeling drained, I will remember what I can do on a good day.  I also think unplugging the TV has given me a lot more free time, and mental space.
I was up before 7, as usual, fed us all breakfast, cleaned the kitchen sink (with baking soda and bleach) and then the bathroom with baby G at my side, roasted 2 chickens in my homemade 5-spice rub, marinated and roasted potatoes, tomatoes and onions in a sage rub with olive oil.  I did a load of laundry and ran the dishwasher before G's snacktime.  The soundtrack was itunes DJ from my computer.  We then played in her room.  For lunch she sampled some of the previous dishes but opted for a cheesestick and yogurt.  She colored and played with a People magazine while I cleaned up.  We played in her room some more and I read some of her fav books before her nap.  As she napped I swept and mopped the floors, folded the load of laundry, put on my bikini and went outside.  I threw the ball for the dogs, I raked the yard and picked up their poops AND put the trash IN the trashcan all while working on my suntan.  I also picked up the poops in the front yard.  {Oh yeah, AND I cleaned the pool}.  I prepped my Navy beans for dinner and got changed for my workout.  Thankfully G woke up in time for me to go to for a workout and I had her sippy of milk and change of clothes ready.  I moved some heavy weights for an hour and stretched for 15 minutes and then got her from childwatch.  We checked out the kiddy pool at the Y and then rolled home.  We will def be playing in there next Sunday.  I turned on the stove for the beans and put G on my hip in the baby wrap.  We ventured outside to throw the ball for the dogs some more and walk around.  We reviewed that cacti are "owies" and that green trees are not owies.  We listened to other dogs and birds.  We came in and read some more.   I made a lemon butter for later and pureed most of the beans into a soup for tonight.  Delicious!  For dinner I offered G a combo of all of these things and thankfully she was a bit more receptive.  I fed the dogs and loaded the dishwasher again.  I got our lunches ready for Monday while G looked at another book.  I started another load of laundry and the dishwasher and we all went to the side yard to play with bubbles and the dirtpile.  I took pictures of G playing in the dirt tonight.  We reviewed that cacti are "owies" and that green trees are not owies.  We listened to other dogs and birds.  Not kidding.  After an hour of fun we came back in for showers and teeth brushing (didn't go well tonight at all).  My restless little girl was not ready for bed until 8:30 but now she is sound asleep THANKFULLY!  We are all clean and full!  The last load of laundry is finishing.  The dishes are drying.  The doggies are asleep too.  I am going to finish this post and read some more of Anthony Bourdain's "The Nasty Bits" as I fall into a sleepy haze to the sound of his voice in my head.  Tomorrow I am going to get slammed at work so I gotta mentally prep for that too.  No vacation just yet...that will be on Wednesday thankfully!  Whew.  I can taste my hot cup of dark acidic coffee, brown sugar and whole milk already!

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