Saturday, May 15, 2010

Life is Like a Slackline; potential ultra-over-universalizing

My friend AV posted something on her FB about "slackline" and "acroyoga".  I was mega-interested and did some googling and found this link of these guys who must be in town:
Since my attendance to a workshop will not be a reality I was enjoying some of the videos.  Of particular interest was the slackline work.  HOW FUN!  I want to set one up in the park here and go for it!  I got to thinking, metaphorically of course, that maybe life is like a slackline.
The beginning and ending are fixed points; two nodes.  For this metaphor, that's all you need to accept.  The middle of the line is an antinode that vibrates with a certain frequency depending on the length of the line (to keep things simple).  If you watch people walk the line, or visit harmonics and waveforms here:
a brief Physics Tutorial
you will *note* that the middle of the line is where there is the most amplitude or movement.  If I could pick a soundtrack it would be Jimmy Eat World "The Middle".  You will also *note* that b/c people have much more mass than air particles, and also because of gravity, the amplitude on the slackline is horizontal displacement.
The "yoga slackers" emphasize how it is pleasant to meditate on the slackline as they work through a series of yoga poses.  Forced meditation.  I get it.  I wish I could try it there also.  But seriously, that is what LIFE is I think!  You gotta get on and stay on and make it to the end.  You gotta problem-solve, and understand your body and your mind and your hangups and your expectations and you gotta figure it out!  You don't have to be moving linearly to be progressing, you can take a sit and figure some things out and let the turbulence pass and ride the wave out.  I love it!
It seems also that in the middle is where things can be the toughest.  This is where you know you are out of control and the harder you try the less likely you are to stay on the line or to stay on track.  Ha!  Neat.  But it can be done with practice and determination and forgiveness and patience. it!  

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