Thursday, January 14, 2010

Teas for Fears? not really...

So, on my drive to work Monday I started crying.  Side note: I think my dad cries in his car while driving too.  Having never met him but being somehow related, I can only guess that Blackbeard must have cried alot while steering his ship.  That's to Blackbeard, not my dad...I grew up with him and well, we're so dysfunctional of course we're related.  Years ago I would hold back my tears at all costs.  But after I became preggo the hormone insurgence must have flipped a switch that -even though baby G is now 16 months old- hasn't turned off.  Or maybe I'm just ok with crying now.  My most hilarious preggo memory was eating a BOX of gooey-centered chocolates from AJ's while listening to Kenny Chesney's "Better As  a Memory" while driving west on Sunrise and CRYING.  Hilarious!

I digress.  I realized while turning onto River Road that I had cried like twice in 12 frappin' hours.  Here's the first reason.  It's 10 minutes and a little schmaltzy with Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey or whoever but get to the part where THE.DAD.CRIES.  Warm, salty cartoon-shaped tears were dripping off of my cheeks.  Beautiful.  And motivating.  The dad is like 66!!!

Second reason, this song in acoustic by Peter Tosh:  Jah Guide.
Well crap, I can't find a link to the version I want but if you're interested go to iTunes and search for it.  Haunting.  Warming.  Comforting.  I can feel his voice resonate the molecules of my soul into some kind of least I like to imagine so.  That's why I cried.  It's kind of uplifiting and empowering.  Who can't use that?  Admittedly I had to look up the lyrics to hear WTF he was saying but this too -along with Ms. Spears and 311- is in my to 40 most played.!  It reminds me that we are not alone and parallels Psalm 23 I think.  I had to memorize that Bible verse in Mrs. Sebren's 3rd grade class, yes really.  The really fancy version too where you have to say "thou".  What a kick!

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