Thursday, January 7, 2010

Like Pancakes in a Teacup

I don't have a photo for this yet *you're welcome* but let me paint you a picture dear reader.  Once you've breastfed (at least) one baby and you get back to your "NORMAL" weight- whatever in the world that is, your boobs are deflated.  DE-FLATED.  And sad.  And droopy.  And ironically, sometimes they are left feeling somewhat useless.  Note: I said SOMEWHAT.  Holy shrinkedness!  Maybe not necessarily National Geographic "primal nudity" bad,  but they aren't as perky as they used to be or as full or as SEXY.  There's no help to be had from a push up bra or wonder bra or mega double decker self inflating solar powered amazing bra.  The image that came to mind was trying to load a pancake into a teacup.  You dig?  Is it full?  Cute?  Perky?  Round?  Or. just.sad.

Yup.  Sigh.

Checklist before summer:
boob job

You knew I was a redneck right?  I do still have all of my teeth thank you.

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