Tuesday, September 1, 2009

You want cheese with that whine?; 4 generations, 1 roof

CRAP!  I was excited for all 4 generations (baby G, me, my mom, her mom) to be under one roof until I got this email for my mother:
"Hey, Sweetie,
     How are you this sunny Saturday?  It's very warm and humid here...  Since (we) are staying with you and we're both breakfast eaters, would you please have the following for us:
1. Breyers Light yogurt (it's nonfat)--4 or 5 containers
2, Maxwell House instant coffee
3. Half and Half
4. Welch's grape juice to match the yogurt (since I make smoothies, if you buy peach or strawberry yogurt, please buy the peach-flavored white grape juice.  If you buy the cherry or blueberry yogurt, please buy the purple Welch's.)     
5. Whole wheat bread
6. American cheese (sliced)
7. Eggs
8. Bananas
     For lunch one day, let's go to that restaurant with the spinach souffle.  Another day let's have lunch at the little Asian restaurant with the funny name near your house."
Seriously, I couldn’t make this up.   I did however email her “thank you for communicating your needs so clearly”.  Seriously, is anyone else’s mother out there this neurotic?  Crap.  Get the Tums with Calcium ready for when my IBS kicks in.  Seriously.


  1. Nice! Well your place sounds like a great breakfast spot! How about an omelette bar?