Monday, August 31, 2009

We need this! Scorpion Bowls

Life in the desert.  Scorpion Stings.  Got my first two last week, while I was sleeping.  Check it out; you can see the sting in the middle of the pic and the OUTLINE of the SCORPION on the right side of the pic (my arm).  This is because I had FALLEN ASLEEP on it for at least 1 hour before I rolled over and gave him the wiggle room to sting me!!!!

We need this:

Or this:

And probably this too:

Scorpion * Largest drink in the world, a conglomeration of rums, gin,brandy and liqueurs, plus tropical fruit juices. Superbly blended and beautifully served. Sipped through Kon Tiki super long straws. The recipe is not available to anyone but Kon Tiki mixologists


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