Monday, March 1, 2010

Boob Sandwich

Ladies- when it's time to get your mammos, get them done.  Seriously, it is  Well, sans the radiation, but it is easier than going to the dentist I think.  I had my overdue follow up today and I am all clear.  The short story (always best) is that after my ruptured ectopic in Dec 2006, I had 2 rounds of mammos, a breast ultrasound (yes really) and a NEEDLE BIOPSY.  Now, after pregnancy and breastfeeding and a pending future (hopefully) boob job *at LEAST by the age of 40*, I knew I was overdue for some imaging.  Let me tell you that the boob sandwich is not a big deal and it's super quick.  You have nothing to fear!  Get this done!  Get your moms and sisters and aunts to get this done!

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